Coronado Chess Club

Choose your move carefully in chess as in life. -unknown
About Us 

We believe that chess is an excellent game with far reaching benefits for kids.  Chess holds many analogies with life. The students will improve their problem solving abilities, critical thinking and reasoning skills.  Studies have shown marked improvements in both reading and mathematics, for students who play chess.


Chess is a game for all ages. You can learn to play at any age and unlike many other sports, you don't ever have to retire. Age is also not a factor when you're looking for an opponent --young can play old and old can play young.



As coaches we "Walk the Talk", all of the coaches have competed in tournaments, which has helped us to better understand what we are asking from players. Sometimes what seems fairly innocuous can be rather stressful under a different set of constraints.


The coaching staff believes that awards and trophies are earned.  We fully recognize that our world today gives awards for simply signing up, but the club does not follow that line of thinking.  The Year End Awards Ceremony and the many coaches who donate all of their time energy and skills are the participation award.  Trophies are for the kids who devout time, energy and effort to earn it.