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Chess Ratings
In chess there is a rating system to help pair the players and track their strength.  Once a player becomes rated they must play in the rated section at the tournaments. The following tables show rating titles for both the US and International communities.
International/Professional Titles

Grandmaster (GM)

FIDE 3 GM Norms


International Master (IM)

FIDE for 3 IM Norms


FIDE Master (FM)2300+ FIDE
National Senior Master (SM)2400+ USCF
 National Master (NM)2200+ USCF
Expert/Candidate Master (Expert/CM)2000+ USCF

National US Amateur Classes

National Class A                 USCF (1800-1999) Top Amateur Class  
National Class B                USCF (1600-1799)Strong Tournament Player  
National Class C                USCF (1400-1599)Average Tournament Player  
National Class DUSCF (1200-1399)Strong Social Player  
National Class E USCF (1000-1199) Social Player
National Class F USCF (800-999) Novice Player
National Class GUSCF (600-799)Beginner II/Scholastic Player  
National Class HUSCF (400-599) Beginner I/Scholastic Player
National Class I  USCF (200-399)Early beginner/Scholastic Player  
National Class JUSCF (100-199)Minimum Rating Class