Coronado Chess Club

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DSCL - Denver Scholastic
Chess League 


Denver Scholastic Chess League (DSCL) is what we train for; it’s the reason we use the ladder to develop the players strength. It’s the purpose behind our coaching, hiring a National Master, and our lesson developments.


The Denver Scholastic Chess League began in 1994, and last year about 30 teams representing schools from all across the Denver area competed in the league.


The league is a scholastic team tournament; a team is comprised of the top 4 players from each school. Players are arranged in playing strength order with the best player on Board 1, second best on Board 2, etc. Each player plays two games, one as white and one as black, against the same opponent.


The season consists of a number of matches against opponent schools. Roughly half the matches are home matches played at Coronado and half are played at the opponent’s school.

The match consists of 2 rounds. In round one, the home team is white on odd numbered boards and black on even numbered boards. In round 2, everyone changes colors. 1.0 point is awarded for a win, 0.5 for a draw and 0.0 for a loss. Thus a match has a total of 8.0 points available (4 players X 2 rounds = 8 points).


The final results for the year will be determined by adding up the total number of matches won by each team during the season. In the event of a tie, the number of points won is the tie-break. If this still does not determine a winner, a playoff will be used to determine the winner of a division. If there is still a tie, teams will be declared co-champions.