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Kasparov (2775) – Kramnik (2775) ]
Dos Hermanas 1996


This game from the Dos Hermanas tournament in 1996 was a chess sensation, when it was played the game traveled around the world.


Kasparov routed! Kramnik the heir apparent! At that time Kramnik was number one on the rating list even though his ELO was the same as Kasparov’s, this was becasue Kramnik had played more games.


The game? – It is a truly stunning sacrificial game – caught in a piece of deep Kasparov opening analysis in his favourite Semi-Slav Defence, Kramnik improvises over the board, sacs a piece and launches an all-out attack against Kasparov’s king. “I was just wanting to have some fun – I could not calculate all the variations” He said after the game.


Subsequently shown to be unsound (by Ivanchuk) the attack is no less attractive for that and chess is as we know not an exact science. Over the board Kasparov could not handle the problems presented to him by the young Kramnik.