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Choose your move carefully in chess as in life. -unknown
There is a wealth of information on chess - it comes in all mediums; books, videos, Podcasts, movies, emails, RSS feeds etc.  In fact, more books have been written and sold on chess than any other topic!  We have collected some of the morsels and included them here.
I'm frequently asked how to improve - the answers are pretty simple at this level. 
  • Slow down,
  • Don't blunder,
  • Take free material
  • Control tempo. 

I assure you its easier said than done.  The only way to achieve these goals is by playing.


Chess Glossary  


64 Commandments of Chess



Rules of Chess and Bughouse       





Coach's Corner
The following pages are provided from each coach to aid in teaching the principals we go over in club.

Private Coaching is available as well

Jim Hammersmith
Phone: 303-933-2558
Rating: 2045
7778 West Plymouth Place
Littleton, CO 80128