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Should I get my child “Rated”?


One of the most exciting things the club does is compete at tournaments and our biggest tournament is the Colorado State Chess Championship.  But in order for most kids to compete they must be Rated.


High level tournaments need the kids to be rated because several hundred will compete and they need a mechanism to match players up as quickly as possible.


So what’s the big deal?  Once you’re Rated you must play Rated at all tournaments with Rated sections. There is no going back.


If your kid loves to play chess and wants to play in several tournaments this decision is a big one.  The difference is Varsity vs. Jr.Varsity. 


If your child is just going to play chess for a few years at Coronado and attend just a handful of tournaments it’s likely not a big deal if they are rated. 


However, if your child loves tournaments, let them experience some success as an unrated player and hold off getting rated for a year or so.  If you have won trophies at a standard tournament that means you’re ready for the next step.  Staying unrated beyond that is milking the system.


It’s a bit counter intuitive – if your not serious get rated and play at state and if you are serious, stay unrated for as long as possible. 


“In my case, I have two kids in the club – getting them rated was the right thing to do for only one of them…..”


There is an option for playing for the first time at the State Tournament that if you pay an additional $7 with your entry fee you can get a one tournament USCF non member ID number.  That way anyone can play in the State Tournament  and not be considered a rated player. 


Please feel free to talk to any of the coaches if you have any questions.