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Choose your move carefully in chess as in life. -unknown

This was a speed game, in a series both players played after the termination of the PCA World Championship in London back in 1993.

Short tries an opening idea of Rozentalis the Lithuanian player but he gets nothing out of the opening at all.


Kasparov then goes in for the kill – look for moves like …f5 …g5 and …Qh3. Kasparov sacrifices a pawn and two exchanges in this game in his effort to mate Short.


The most stunning move of the game is 26…Ba6 – and not one of the commentators – Grandmasters Keene, Speelman and King spotted either the move or the idea behind it when it was played.


Fittingly instead of resigning when he knew he was beat Short allowed Kasparov to play on right to the mate – wonderful to see.