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Tournament Ladder 

Tournaments work differently than club ladder.


Tournaments can have several hundred kids and a mechanism is needed based on inference to calculate the player's ranking.


In other words there isn't enough time for a player to play the other hundred or so kids to prove his ranking. This is why tournament systems were developed.


Several systems exist: Round-Robin, Swiss, and Elimination are the most common. Chess tournaments are typically run in a Swiss System due to the number of players.


The principle of a Swiss tournament is that each player will be pitted against another player who has done as well (or poorly) as him or herself.


The first round is either drawn at random or seeded according to a players rating. Players who win receive a point, those who draw receive half a point and losers receive no points. Win, lose, or draw, all players proceed to the next round where winners are pitted against winners, losers are pitted against losers, and so on. In subsequent rounds, players face opponents with the same (or almost the same) score. No player is paired up against the same opponent twice. The system attempts to ensure that each player plays an equal number of games with white and black, usually alternating colors in each round.


The detailed rules of how to do the pairings are usually quite complicated and typically the tournament organizer utilizes a computer program to do the pairing. If the rules are strictly adhered to, the organizer has no discretion in pairing the round.